What does traffic look like? — An in-depth look at how we visualize traffic for our prediction algorithms

Emergency Response

With TallyGo, emergency response agencies can embed real-time turn-by-turn navigation within their apps, enabling a variety of powerful outcomes:

  • Advanced dispatch using actual travel times and real-time traffic data. Stop using Euclidean distance to allocate a vehicle to a task. It’s a crappy heuristic! Use real travel times and real-time data without any increased latency.
  • Seamless integration of dispatch and navigation across any phone, tablet or computer. Once a vehicle is assigned, turn by turn navigation immediately begins on any phone, tablet or computer assigned to the vehicle. No address input or human error!
  • Real-time insight for first responders. Improve response times and successful EMS outcomes with real-time data visualization across all incidents, hospitals, hydrants, accidents and other important geopoints on any device or computer.
  • Navigation built for emergency response vehicles. The TallyGo SDK supports emergency response navigation, which recognizes that a vehicle with a siren on is in a very different position from one that uses Google Maps or Waze. Traffic data, ETAs and routes are tailored for emergency response. For instance, the routing will permit illegal turns where desirable and avoid narrow residential streets when appropriate.