What does traffic look like? — An in-depth look at how we visualize traffic for our prediction algorithms

On-Demand Delivery

With the TallyGo SDK, on-demand delivery businesses can harness the power of their very own advanced navigation stack and embed real-time turn by turn navigation in their apps in minutes:

  • No more app switching. Drivers stay in your app the entire time, enabling you to deploy multi-way point routing that maximizes the revenue they make per unit of time.
  • Increase profitability with pooling and batching routes. By making it easier for drivers to accept pooling, batching and stacking routes, you can generate more margin per unit of time.
  • Own your location data. Stop giving away all your valuable real-time telemetry data to Google and Apple. It’s yours. Get full insight into it and use it to improve your operations and open up new monetization streams.
  • Deliver on a best-in-class driver and consumer experience. Show your drivers you care by making your app stand out and give your consumers accurate ETAs and transparency into their delivery by showing the driver smoothly moving along the map in real-time.
  • Seamless integration. Whether you’re tying the navigation to your dispatch system or annotating the map with dynamic assets, you can fully configure your navigation stack to meet any specific needs with only a few lines of code.
  • Advanced dispatch using actual travel times and real-time traffic data. Stop using Euclidean distance to allocate a vehicle to a task. It’s a crappy heuristic! Use real travel times and real-time data without any increased latency.