What does traffic look like? — An in-depth look at how we visualize traffic for our prediction algorithms

Retail & Consumer

You have a map in your app, right? That means your business depends in some way on getting something or someone from one place to another. But a map doesn’t solve that problem for you. Meanwhile, your consumers are giving their attention and location data to to another company. Whether you’re a map search provider, a brick and mortar retailer or a consumer utility, the TallyGo SDK empowers you to take full control over your consumers’ experience.

  • Monetize consumer attention during the entire lifecycle of their engagement. A consumer uses your app to place an order or to discover a new business. That takes a minute or two. Then another app monetizes your customer’s attention for 95%+ of the time they pick up that order or discover that new business. No longer! Use the TallyGo SDK to capture, monetize and upsell the attention of your customers.
  • Harness the power of location data. Helping your customers get around the real world opens up entirely new ways of profiling them and harnessing the power of their location data.
  • Load balance across retail outlets. Manage costs and help customers get their stuff faster by redirecting them on the fly to the store that they can get to fastest that has exactly what they need.
  • Be a better personal advisor. Help your customers’ better plan their day with real-time traffic info, alerts and calendar management using the TallyGo SDK.